Thank you so much for visiting our donation page and considering investing into our outreach to young people. Value Up/R5 Productions has been presenting life-changing messages in public schools for over fifteen years. After presenting to thousands and thousands of young people we have come to the conclusion that VALUE is the missing piece.
With so much social pressure these days from a simple walk down the hallway of a school or trying to navigate social media, what tends to get lost is a young person’s intrinsic value. When people don’t feel valuable they don’t act valuable and consequently a lot of trouble can begin in a teenagers life when they don’t know their true worth.
We have hundreds of emails and several letters from principals that will attest to the fact that our programs have stopped suicides and even prevented a school shooting. Countless young people have received help after sitting through the message of hope that we bring to every school.
The money that gets donated here goes toward free resources that we give to students when they reach out to us.
Thank you again! All gifts are tax deductable because we are a non-profit organization.

Mike Donahue
Director, Value Up

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