Thank you for selecting Value Up to present to your students and faculty. We have created this Program Preparation Guide to assist you in preparing for your Value Up program. We have provided specific directions and important information to ensure your event is as successful as possible, while creating a sustainable positive impact on the culture of your school and community.

Value Up provides your school and students with event materials that reinforce the message of Valuing Everyone. This box of materials will arrive 1-2 weeks prior to your event.


The banner is used after the program for students and teachers to sign and should be located in a high-traffic area. By signing the banner, an individual is making a commitment to accept the challenges put forth in the program. After your program, hang the signed banner in a prominent location of your school. Please note: you will receive one banner for your school.

The Value Up catalog contains a wide variety of materials that can enhance the organic student-led initiative to Value Up. There is also material that your staff can order so that they are also driving this message.  Orders can be placed by clicking here.


Please provide the following to ensure effective lighting, audio, and visual components on your program day.


We recommend the presentation occur in an auditorium, not a gym. Poor acoustics and line of sight hinder the outcome of the program. If a gym is the only option, please seat the audience on one side of the room. Multiple assemblies should be arranged in order to keep everyone on one side of the gym.


Please select a Technical Assistant to help the presenter set up audio, video, and lighting for your program. This person will need to meet your presenter a half hour before the program to provide ample time for set-up.


Please provide AC power for the presenter’s computer at his/her presenting position with either an extension cord or wall outlet. It is best if the presenter’s projector and computer can be on the same AC outlet.


A sound system capable of reproducing the presenter’s voice and audio from the presenter’s computer is necessary for an effective presentation. If a permanent system is not installed, a portable powered speaker system is required. Computer speakers will not be adequate. Two inputs to the system are required: one for the microphone, and one for the computer audio.


Our presenters prefer a hand held microphone. If it is a wireless microphone, please make sure extra batteries are on hand.


It is crucial to provide an LCD projector, table, and VGA cable.


We encourage the largest screen possible to ensure every student is able to see each image. We recommend that the screen be 10 by 10 feet at minimum. You may consider borrowing one from another school or business in your area.


Lighting can be a problem in a gym. The program involves several video clips and a PowerPoint presentation. Please ensure there is no direct sunlight on the screen during the presentation. It may be necessary to cover windows. If lighting is configured in zones, plan to turn off rows or zones closest to the screen. However, it is important for the presenter and audience to see one another. Please, no spotlight on the presenter.


Please review the following items as necessary essential tasks towards a successful event.

Preview Videos. Please watch the preview videos at as you prepare for your upcoming Value Up Event. These inspirational clips inform and encourage staff participation. It is recommended to present these videos at an upcoming staff meeting. There is also a video for your students to watch that will give them an idea of what they will hear at the presentation.

Allow emails from addresses ending in “” to be marked as “safe” to send and receive.

Return the “Program Preparation Email” that arrives via email from our Event Manager. This email will confirm all contact information, event dates, and times we have been given. If any additions or changes need to be made, please respond with the correct information.

Please provide a table for our Value Up resources (8 foot by 3 foot if available)


In addition to selecting a technical assistant, you may want to select some adult volunteers to assist the host in preparing for the program and managing the resource table at the end of the presentation.

Provide your local media with the Value Up Media Fact Sheet (see Page 5) and invite them to attend the event. Also, advertise your event using school newsletters, word of mouth, local businesses, and media. The media not only helps promote your program times and locations, but also helps publicize your school’s initiative in bringing this positive catalyst to your community. Please note: it is acceptable to film our entire presentation for you to use for your school use only. Please do not post the film on the Internet.

Reserve time before and after your program to hold classroom discussions using the Pre-Event and Post-Event Questions (see page 6 & 7). These discussion points encourage dialogue about bullying and school culture and reviews the challenges set forth in the program.


Fill out the evaluation form emailed to you and tell us about your experience with the Value Up event. We value your feedback and are constantly working on improving our programs. Your input is very important to our growth as an organization.

Thank you for inviting Value Up to your school. We sincerely hope that Value Up can form a permanent partnership with your school in order to strengthen a positive learning culture. We have a full team of dedicated individuals available to support you before, during, and after the Value Up programs.